My Story

Hello, my name is Quaid Ens. When I was in grade school, around the fourth or fifth grade, I had my first migraine. I was watching a television show about how they made jelly beans (fun fact: this was before the series “How Its Made” was made, so “liked it before it was cool” points here). Suddenly I felt…bad. Before the jelly bean show was finished I was in bed feeling really bad.

Fast forward ten or so years from that and here I am. I have graduated high school and college, all with frequent migraines that occurred quite a bit to say the least, and they have not let up. Over the course of those ten years (which will undoubtedly be explored) I found ways to cope and to even use my migraines to create a better life for myself. And in the light of those things, I have decided to start this blog so that I could share my story, and hopefully help those who also suffer from migraines or comparable ailments–or any ailments for that matter: physical or psychological, and even spiritual, I am not picky with whom I help.

So that is the stated goal of this blog, to be a flickering candle in the darkness of chronic illness and pain, and to help others to say “my life is good” even though the facts provided by their lame bodies scream “my life is terrible”.