Living with Migraines


November 2, 2017

I interrupt this program for a special news bulletin.
I was going to talk about some vague concept, but tonight there was an interrupting migraine episode that I felt like sharing while the iron was hot. 
Tonight was a special day for America. It was game seven of the World Series, the Houston Astros versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now I love baseball, its a fun sport to read about, and watch. 

I find it boring on television, but for the world series I make an exception. Because I am a big Dodgers fan and this was something I just could not miss. The Dodgers have not been in the World Series since 1988.
I have no television at home (I watch Netflix and YouTube). So I got in my car and drove to my favorite sports grill to catch my fill of TV baseball. 

It also is the day after Halloween here. Now I have nothing against Halloween, but something I don’t like is restaurants decorating anything beyond the cutesy ghosts, smiley witches, and jack o’ lanterns. Skeletons are right on the edge. 

My favorite restaurant did not follow my ungiven advice. They decorated with blood and guts, so I avoided them for a month. For someone who likes food, that was hard. So I was excited as I pulled into the parking lot aaaaaand…Interruption! They had not taken down their decor. 

So I moved on to my other favorite sports restaurant on my mountain (I love them both equally). This one is a pizza joint, and I was going to get spaghetti. You cannot tell me what to do. 

Now this one had the bonus of sharing a parking lot with the post office. I had recently ordered custom lego bricks in the mail, so I stopped by to see if they had arrived. To my joy, they had. So with my new envelope of bricks in my pocket and joy in my heart I went to get my spaghetti and watch the Dodgers give the Astros what for.

I sat, and opened my bricks. I have a favorite custom brick company (they are called BrickWarriors. I want them to live long and prosper, so I buy a lot from them)

This batch was a bunch of bricks that look very similar to iconic helmets and costumes from my favorite video game, Skyrim. I looked over my new bricks in admiration and glee as I waited for my spaghetti. To be honest, they distracted me from the game. 

Soon I was munching on spaghetti and watching the Dodgers play, until…an interruption.

Then around the fifth inning, the lights began to flicker annoyingly, then begin to flash and dim, like something from Star Trek when the Enterprise takes a turbolaser to its hull and a computer console inexplicably explodes on the bridge. 

I closed my eyes. Flashing and strobing lights are one of the quickest ways to make me have a migraine. 

It soon stopped, and I went back to the game. 

Then it happened again.

This time, it ended in a power outage that lasted for five or so minutes. Then when the power had been on for a moment, the flickering and flashing began again, followed by another outage. 

And then it all happened a third time. If it had happened the day before, I would think it was 3spooky5me (one level higher than too spooky for me). But this was November 1, and it wasn’t fun at all. It also would not have been fun on Halloween.
“I’m done,” I said while fumbling my way to the cash register to ask for a box for my spaghetti. Besides, the Dodgers were doing quite poorly. Being a Dodger fan is a perilous path only for the truest of hearts.

I could feel my body going numb. It is a very disconcerting feeling. I personally refer to it as Fading, because alongside migraines I am afflicted with melodrama. By my experience, I had about thirty minutes to get home before a migraine came.

I went to my car and got home as soon as possible, all the while wondering if the power was out there too.

Luckily they were not, and I went inside and fed my dog and set myself up to prepare for the worst. 

In a great moment of serendipity (one of my favorite words that I am so glad to be able to use) my migraine came softly. Its going to be a slow and long one, with numb hands and a fuzzy mind and partly my fault because I forgot to take my onset medication, but at least I wont be bedridden.
And I have some new heroic legos to play with.  Also, congrats Astros. That was some mighty fine baseball tonight.

Skyrim lego brickwarriors guard dragomborn health migraines

I was going to write an obscure guard quote. But then I took an arrow to the knee.


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